refugees will come to the United
States in 2021

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Refugee Resettlement Services

With the arrival of new refugees fleeing war torn regions of the world, Catholic Charities helps to meet their most basic needs: housing, furniture, medical aid, etc. We expect the needs to rise as more wait for more refugees in 2021.


of children don’t know where their
next meal will come from

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Hunger Services

The economic effects brought on by the coronavirus pandemic continue to exist. Our Hunger Services has distributed more than 4.5 million meals in 2020 and counting. In November 2020, added two new Hunger Services trucks, enabling us to double our capacity in the North Texas area.


increase in need for short-term shelter and foster care services for unaccompanied children from last fiscal year

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Children’s Services

Serving the unaccompanied youth through foster care, case management, and more – this especially vulnerable population needs our help to be taken care of with special priority. We expect to license 5 new foster homes in 2021 and provide 8 immigrant children a forever home.


homeless people reside in Dallas
and Collin Counties

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Homelessness & Housing Services

With the successful launch and operation of St Jude Forest Lane in 2018, we opened a second facility in December 2020 (St Jude Park Central) to add 180+ more rooms for the homeless population we serve. 


of people live paycheck to paycheck

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Disaster Preparedness and Relief

We expect to serve 3,000+ families and individuals in 2021. Whether through COVID19, natural disaster, or even a personal disaster, Catholic Charities is on the front line to help people get back on their feet.


come to the United States every year

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Immigration Legal Services

As we support legal immigration to the United States, our staff is helping the undocumented seek legal citizenship through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Bureau. From DACA support, document preparation, citizenship workshops and more, we are serving all that we can.


of the half million Dallas county students are economically and academically disadvantaged

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Education Services

In 2020, 160 participants completed the new 16-week educational program, Together We’re Better. We expect to serve 500 additional students in 2021 by expanding our existing literacy programs to students and their parents. In addition, we will be adding more locations for our summer reading intervention program across 4-5 different communities across Dallas county.


baby boomers turn 65 everyday

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Senior Services

Brady Senior Services serves over 300+ clients every year. 10-17% of the enrolled seniors are likely to be food insecure, skipping meals, or going entire days without eating anything. And due to our commitment to serve this vulnerable population, it is expected that the need for food, welfare check-ins, remote fitness support, and case management hours will be increased by 50-65%.

$756 Billion

in outstanding credit card debt

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Financial Coaching and Education

Our team is educating and empowering families to improve their long-term financial situations through educational classes, employment services, career coaching, and more. In the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, 38.9% of adults living in households state that it has been somewhat or very difficult to pay for usual household expenses during the Coronavirus pandemic. Hand-in-hand, we are working with clients everyday to improve the quality of their lives through sustainable financial coaching services.


kids under 5 will be adopted

How Catholic Charities Dallas is helping

Pregnancy, Parenting & Adoption

Making the right match between birth mothers and adoptive families is just the beginning. Our team works with families throughout their journey to create loving new homes for these children.

The growing needs in our community

The need is critical and the mission essential

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