At Catholic Charities Dallas, we know from experience that even the smallest act of true generosity can change a life. Our clients’ incredible stories are proof of the impact generosity has on the lives of individuals, families, and our entire community.

CCD employee resettled by Refugee Services becomes citizen

Welcoming those in need

CCD staff member becomes U.S. citizen

After immigrating to the United States six years ago and going through resettlement with our Refugee Services team, Nidham Al-Koofee, became an American citizen on January 26. For the last six months, Nidham has worked for Catholic Charities Dallas as a pre-arrival case manager.

His journey to the United States and becoming an American citizen began in 2006 when he was living in Iraq. After working as an interpreter for the U.S. Marines, Nidham applied to immigrate to the United States in late 2006. He put the process on hold and didn’t begin again until around 2010. At that point, it took until January of 2016 for him and his family to receive their visas.

His U.S. sponsor connected with CCD on Nidham’s behalf. Once his family arrived, they had a fully furnished apartment, thanks to Refugee Services. Nidham credits CCD with making his transition to the U.S. smoother.

“It’s a big role for Catholic Charities since they helped me to apply for social security, which is very important,” Nidham said. “Also with the green card, because as soon as I got these papers, I started to move along with my life since I had to wait at least five years to get my citizenship.”

Nidham says he enjoys working in his role as a pre-arrival case manager at CCD, especially since he is one of the first people refugees meet when they arrive at the airport.

“I know what they feel, what they’re thinking,” Nidham said.

He’s very excited to become a U.S. citizen and to become even more of a part of the community here.

“I’m going to be able to be part of the community affecting the way of life here through voting, and that’s a big thing for me, to get to vote, to determine what’s good, what’s bad for our country.”

Congratulations to Nidham for this accomplishment!

Adoption Party November 2022

Connecting children and families

Families celebrate adoption

For the first time since 2019, our Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption Program was able to celebrate National Adoption Day with their annual party! This year’s event was carnival-themed, and families were able to enjoy carnival games, prizes, face painting, and a photo booth.

Children were able to “adopt” a stuffed animal, complete with an adoption certificate. The party is a way for our adoptive families to connect and to commemorate adoption. It wouldn’t be possible without the Angels of Charity who helped sponsor the event, including providing food and decorations!

Our Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption team works hard to connect children with loving homes around North Texas. During 2022, we facilitated the adoption of 10 babies and children through our Finally Home Placements and Infant Adoption Program.

Our clients celebrated Christmas with gifts and parties!

Spreading Christmas cheer

Spreading Christmas cheer to North Texas families

Thanks to our generous donors, volunteers, and staff, our clients were able to get into the Christmas spirit! More than 500 families received gifts through our Christmas Distribution program, supported by the Angels of Charity. The gifts were distributed to families over several days and included a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Several of our missions hosted Christmas parties as well. Santa made a visit to St. Mary’s shelter, bringing plenty of gifts for the children there. More than 100 seniors at the Brady Center celebrated with a DJ, fitness instructor, and crafts. At St. Jude Forest and St. Jude Park Central, residents celebrated with Christmas lunch and gifts. Christmas carolers also visited St. Jude Forest in December, bringing dessert and games to play with the residents.

We are so grateful to the donors, volunteers, and staff who made these Christmas celebrations possible for the communities we serve.

Rochelle spends her free time with her family and reading the Bible.

Finally Home

Formerly homeless client finds longterm housing

Our Homelessness and Housing team works throughout the Dallas area to help individuals in homeless encampments find housing and support. That’s how Catholic Charities Dallas met Rochelle, who became homeless after leaving an abusive relationship without an income or anywhere to turn. She tried to find help at a shelter, only to be turned away due to overcrowding.

At that point, Rochelle was too ashamed to share her situation with her family and was homeless until she was introduced to the Emergency Housing Voucher program. Rochelle said Catholic Charities Dallas and the services through the EHV program has forever changed her life.

Thanks to CCD, Rochelle was safely housed in a fully furnished apartment, and she has been housed for over a year. Her case manager was able to connect her with Social Security benefits, so she has an income, and SNAP benefits to help supplement her food. Rochelle has even been able to reconnect with her family, including her sister and her children, and spends a lot of her free time with them. She hopes she can be an inspiration for other homeless individuals.

The Homelessness and Housing team is working to provide these same resources to other chronically homeless individuals. Our case managers provide referrals to resources in the area, assistance in obtaining documents needed for financial assistance programs, and service planning.

This work would not be possible without the generosity of our donors and the hard work of our staff. If you would like to support our Homelessness and Housing program and help more clients like Rochelle, please consider making a donation.

Looking Back

Formerly homeless permanently housed at St. Jude locations
Parents and children educated through Educational Services
Mobile Pantry Locations in North Texas
People served through Refugee Services
Children reunited with their families through Children’s Services
Babies and children adopted through Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption
Clients helped through Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services
Clients served through Immigration Legal Services
Clients accessed financial coaching, employment & job skills training through Financial Stability & Career Services
Seniors served at the Brady Center

Data from FY 2022

On the horizon

CCD and Financial Stability and Career Services is hosting the second annual Mega Homebuyer Event and Mega First Time Homebuyer class on Saturday, February 11.

If you or someone you know is considering purchasing a home, the event provides opportunities to speak with professionals including realtors, lenders, down payment assistance program coordinators, home builders, home inspectors, title companies, and more.

For more information, please click here .

When we see Christ in our brothers and sisters in need, this is where the power of generosity begins. We recall the words of Christ,

“I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me.” (Matthew 25:35)

At Catholic Charities Dallas, we witness the life-changing power of generosity every day. The contagious excitement of a young refugee family as they receive items that transform their new house into a home. The smile on the face of a child as they learn to read alongside their parents. The relief in the eyes of a person who no longer needs to worry about what they will eat that day. Although it looks a bit different each time, the impact of generosity is undeniably present in every one of these lives. We hope these stories of the transformative power of generosity within our community resonate with you and encourage you to join us in serving, educating, and empowering all those in need. Your generosity is what makes our work possible!

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