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At CCD we use the Working Family Success Model as the platform for the FSCS program, which includes employment services. We host several job fairs each year, partnering with employers like yourself. Our Employment Services team provides job market counseling and helps clients define their career goals. FSCS works with clients in the following ways to better equipment each person for employment.

1. Job Readiness Training is training a client receives to prepare them to seek or obtain employment, and to keep their jobs once they are hired. Topics could be:

  • Preparing a resume or job application
  • Preparing a cover and thank you letters
  • Career exploration
  • Training in interviewing skills
  • Training in effective job seeking
  • Instruction in work place expectations
  • Behavior on the job
  • Getting along with co-workers/boss
  • Being reliable and on time
  • Filling out paper work (for example, time sheets)
  • Appropriate attire

2. Financial Coaching revolves around the 1-1 relationship that is formed between a client and the Coach. Topics covered are:

  • Setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound
  • Discussing savings options and matched savings programs
  • Pulling a client’s credit report to discuss debt reduction procedures
  • Discussing loans for assets such as cars and homes
  • Researching job skills training programs that yield living wage jobs
  • Accessing income supports such as public benefits, food, and financial tools

For more information regarding participating in future job fairs contact Mark Hamm, FSCS Program Director