Mike Murray | Email: mmurray@ccdallas.org | Phone: 214-842-7245

May 2021

Time for Giving is the name of Catholic Charities Dallas annual campaign, centered around the second collection for Catholic Charities at all Masses the weekend of May 15 & 16. “Time for Giving” is an adaptation of “There is a Time for Everything under Heaven,” which is either a line from an old 60’s song by the Byrd’s or from the Book of Ecclesiastes of the Old Testament – I am not sure which, maybe both?

It is a Time for Giving because at Catholic Charities it is always a Time for Doing. We are educating, housing, feeding, assisting, counseling, adopting, assimilating, fostering, stabilizing, resettling, advising…every day. We did that for 50,000 people two years ago, this past year for over 200,000 people and next year… well, that is where you come in.

We delivered over 7 million meals over the last year, but what that really means is that when people lost their jobs during the lock downs, they were still able to feed their families by driving through our multiple daily food distributions.

We opened a second housing facility for the homeless, but what that really means is that during the winter storms we were able to save numerous vulnerable people from the freezing streets and put them into warm individual rooms.

We operate a Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption program, but what that really means is that we teach new parents how to be great parents and we find loving adoptive families for children and newborns.

And we can keep on doing all of that with you help. The help we need with our Time for Giving campaign is $500,000. That’s the goal!

We hope you can attend Mass the weekend of May 15 & 16 but if you are unable, please take the opportunity now to generously invest in the mission of Catholic Charities to change and save lives, humanize our society, and witness the great love God has for all of us.

So, whether ‘A Time for Giving’ reminds you of 60’s rock and roll or Holy Scripture, hopefully the latter, the message is the same: There is A Time for Giving, and it is now.

Thank you and God bless.