St. Jude Centers

Our St. Jude Centers provide permanent, supportive housing to formerly homeless individuals.

We strive to serve a diverse population willing to live within the guidelines and safety protocols for the complex, creating community and collaborative promotion of all residents’ well-being and growth.

DRTRR Housing Programs

Our team works to house and case manage clients in Rapid Rehousing and provide case management to clients in Emergency Housing Voucher programs.

We work to bring support, resources, and stability to newly housed clients.

Program Impact

Clients housed in St. Jude – Forest (FY 2023)
Clients housed in St. Jude – Park Central (FY 2023)
Rapid Rehousing Clients Enrolled
Emergency Housing Voucher Clients Enrolled

Catholic Charities Dallas relies on the Coordinated Access System managed by Housing Forward to ensure that the most vulnerable and disadvantaged are screened and selected. Our programs do not accept outside referrals, calls for residency, or walk-ins.

St. Jude Centers only accept referrals directly from social service agencies or Housing Forward. Client must be working with a social service agency, documented as homeless in the Housing Forward housing priority list, and pass a background screening before being accepted as a resident at either St. Jude Center. Also, the referring agency must provide case management and secure the subsidy (through grants or vouchers) for each resident referred to St. Judes.