Petra plays an active role in the upbringing of her seven grandchildren, including enrolling them in our Educational Services program, Together We Learn (TWL). She appreciates the program because it allows her family to learn and prepare for school. “When they go to school, they know many words, they are more advanced,” Petra shared.

She also attends TWL for herself. Prior to participating in the program, Petra did not know many English words or letters. Thanks to Together We learn, is proud of how much she has learned and has an intermediate understanding of the English language.

Petra’s grandchildren thrived in the program as well. Two of her grandchildren graduated from Together We Learn and are excelling in their classrooms. Her older grandchildren participate in the Afterschool and Summer Camp programs, and her youngest is flourishing in the Infant Class of Together We Learn.

Petra is one of our strongest advocates for our education mission, and she continues to be a role model for her family and others in West Dallas!