The CCD Parenting in Action classes provide an opportunity for parents in the community to learn more about different topics, including communicating with children, literacy, budgeting, and more. Material assistance, including diapers, clothing, and more, is available to parents at the end of each class.

Tamica and her family began attending our Parenting in Action classes after learning about them online. She initially attended because she needed diapers; however, Tamica shared the classes are helpful and convenient, and provide opportunities for her to learn more about taking care of her son. “I like the classes. They’re fun, and they have useful information. I like the interaction,” Tamica shared.

Even though she has only attended a few classes, Tamica said she has already recommended them to others because of how helpful the information is as well as how nice it is to leave with essentials, like diapers. “It helps us not have to worry about one thing so we can focus on another. It’s hard to focus on how you’re going to pay your light bill and buy diapers. Now I can pay my light bill.”