Angelica studied special education and graduated as a technician in speech therapy with a degree in Psychology. Angelica put these skills to work by opening a clinic to help young people in need.

Despite both parents working (including her husband Alvaro), in mid-2020 her entire family was exposed to COVID-19. They were unable to attend work under quarantine restrictions, suffering significant financial setbacks.

After hearing about Catholic Charities Dallas, Angelica sought out assistance and received help with food, diapers, and education services. With CCD’s English classes and educational services, Angelica found compassion and help for her family. She says she feels that her sons were cared for and taken into account at CCD.

Angelica is so thankful for CCD’s warm and welcoming environment, where her sons feel safe, cared for, and happy.

Your support gives hope to people like Angelica and her family. Your generosity is appreciated!