Parish Monthly Update – June 2024

Devyn Buschow | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8107 June 2024 Do you know what we do? I’m keeping it short and sweet today... Do you know everything we do at CCD? My hope is that you have a great idea of CCD in general, but my experience tells me you may not know about all the great programs that we offer! We have over 35 unique programs that have [...]

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Development Update – May 2024

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 May 2024 Many of our neighbors are facing the aftermath of the severe storms that left a trail of damage throughout North Texas earlier this week. At one point, more than half a million homes lost power. The city of Dallas says cleanup could take at least a month as power outages continue. The possibility of additional storms are on the horizon. While [...]

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Parish Monthly Update – May 2024

Devyn Buschow | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8107 May 2024 Come craft with us! First off, I want to thank you for your support with our Time for Giving campaign this month. We are so grateful for your help in supporting our programs that allow us to serve those in need in our diocese! I am so excited to share about our new project with Refugee Services! We are [...]

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International Foster Care providing family and hope

Scott and Sarah have always felt a calling to foster children. The couple, who have six biological children, have fostered several times and hosted international exchange students.  After living outside of Texas for several years, the family moved back to the Dallas area in 2017.  "One Sunday, soon after moving back to Texas, Sarah mentioned getting back into foster parenting," Scott said. "That very day, Catholic Charities did a presentation about International Foster Care after Mass. It [...]

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Development Update – April 2024

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 April 2024 “Time for Giving” is the name of CCD's annual campaign, centered around the second collection for Catholic Charities at all Masses the weekend of May 4th and 5th. Our theme, Time for Giving, is inspired by scripture. In the Book of Ecclesiastes, it says, “There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the [...]

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Parish Monthly Update – April 2024

Devyn Buschow | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8107 April 2024 You may have heard that our diocesan-wide second collection campaign, called “Time for Giving,” kicks off on May 4th. This is the time of year that we love to not only highlight the work CCD does across all 9 counties of the diocese but also share specific details with your parish so you can truly see our mission in [...]

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Parish Monthly Update – March 2024

Devyn Buschow | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8107 March 2024 We know there are so many people in our Diocese who need assistance. In fact, we serve more than 200,000 people every year. Therefore, it always surprises us when we encounter people who don’t know what we do, or why we do it! We want to reach more people so they are aware of the resources they can access [...]

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A Story of Hope and Resilience: Children’s Services reunites family

Camila and Alejandro* were only one and three years old when their parents traveled from Cuba to the United States to find greater opportunities and a better life for their family. The children stayed in Cuba with their grandparents who loved and cared for them. However, they missed their parents and yearned to be a family again.   After making the extremely perilous journey alone through several countries, the now 11 and 9-year-old Alejando and Camila arrived [...]

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Development Update – February 2024

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 February 2024 Did you know that we are keeping Dallas generations active, engaged, and thriving? While it may not receive as much attention as some of our other programs, I personally feel that our Senior Services mission is one of CCD's hidden gems. Senior Services empowers adults 60 years and older to maintain their independence by providing services which focus on health and [...]

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Mother Lead Me to Your Place

Monica touched upon the tilma, a blessed cloak that the Mater Maria’s volunteers wear and have spiritual graces. She recalled the first mothers she met in the home when she started three years ago; mothers from different backgrounds and with different stories. Because she had no children of her own, Monica found it fulfilling to be part of this safe haven where mothers who need care can provide for their new babies. Her call began when she and [...]


International Foster Care: Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Serve What is international foster care? We provide long term foster care placement, Supervised Independent Living, and holistic wrap-around services to unaccompanied refugee and immigrant youth. Our top priority is reunifying children with their families as quickly and safely as possible. When this is not an option, we seek permanent and supportive relationships for our youth and equip them with the skills needed for successful lives in adulthood. How old are the youth you [...]


Parish Monthly Update – February 2024

Devyn Buschow | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8107 February 2024 We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Parish Resources page! This is a webpage that all parish staff members can access to find more information about CCD. The page includes a recap of our previous parish update videos, easy-to-access resource cards with CCD phone numbers, and a Google drive filled with free resources to [...]

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St. Jude provides path from homelessness to hope

Jane* had been homeless and living at the Austin Street Shelter when she was introduced to Catholic Charities Dallas for the first time. After spending more than three years in shelters and on the streets, Jane was overjoyed with the opportunity to move into St. Jude Forest.   St. Jude Center Forest Lane opened in August 2018. The center has 104 efficiency, residential units for individuals who are 55 and over. Jane was among the first residents to [...]

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My journey to becoming a volunteer at Mater Maria

I think my journey to Mater Maria began with my mother – my mom was an amazing woman with a strong commitment to her faith and a devotion to our Blessed Mother, but I didn’t learn how strong her faith really was until it was tested. On August 26th, 2007, after a relatively minor diagnostic procedure, my mother was left paralyzed from her waist down. In my eyes, that day changed everything for her – she loved [...]



My experience at Mater Maria was a lot to learn from regarding my personal and spiritual life. I moved into the house on June 3rd, 2017; I was just four months pregnant with difficulties when I moved in, and I had my baby on November 21st, 2018. When I moved in, I met the director in person - Marthalicia Burkle. She’s indeed a mother/Grandmother; she made me feel good by praying with me the very first day [...]



When I was referred to the home, I was attending Winfree Academy Charter School. I had only a handful of credits to complete before I accomplished my high school diploma. Shortly after I found out I was expecting, I spoke with my school counselor. I expressed to her that the home I was living in was not suitable for my unborn baby, although I was with a loving and supporting family member. I knew I could give [...]


After School Program sparks learning leaps for young girl

Dariana registered at her community school in January 2022. However, since English was her second language and she struggled with reading, she was enrolled in kindergarten instead of first grade with other students her age. At the end of the school year, Dariana had not progressed as she should and needed to repeat kindergarten. After seeing her daughter's challenges in the classroom, Dariana's mother began looking for an after-school tutoring program. Dariana started attending CCD’s After School [...]

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Development Update – January 2024

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 January 2024 It’s a new year, and we are not slowing down! Last weekend, we celebrated with many of you at the 26th Annual Bishop’s Gala. It was a wonderful evening raising money for our missions, and we are so thankful to everyone who played a part in the success of the evening. I’m also thrilled to share that we have officially [...]

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Children’s Services reunites family after years-long separation

Omid grew up in Afghanistan and lived with his father, stepmother, and extended family. He never imagined leaving, but when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, 14-year-old Omid decided to flee to escape the turmoil and upheaval in the country.    Omid and his friends were able to board an outgoing plane during the evacuation, which took him to Qatar. He stayed on a military base there for 15 days before coming to the United [...]

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Catholic Charities Dallas Hosts 26th Annual Bishop’s Gala: “Love Triumphs”

Around 1,000 Guests Attended the 26th Annual Bishop's Gala Hosted by Catholic Charities Dallas at the Omni Dallas Hotel. DALLAS (JANUARY 29, 2024) – Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD) hosted their 26th Annual Bishop’s Gala at the Omni Dallas Hotel on Saturday, January 20, 2024. Attendees participated in live and silent auctions to raise funds benefiting thousands of clients  within CCD’s nine-county service area. Last year alone, CCD provided services, resources, and education to over 200,000 individuals  [...]

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Parish Monthly Update – January 2024

Devyn Buschow | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8107 January 2024 Hello, my name is Devyn Buschow and I currently serve as the Parish Relations Program Manager at Catholic Charities Dallas. We are so excited to announce that Mater Filius Dallas is now part of the Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption program at Catholic Charities Dallas under a new name, Mater Maria. Mater Maria will continue to serve pregnant women [...]

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Fostering Generational Change

Fostering Generational Change Catholic Charities Dallas works to provide support, resources, education, and inspiration to empower our clients and improve their lives. Listen as three of our client families share their stories of generational change and the lasting difference Catholic Charities Dallas has made for them and their children.

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CBS News Texas: Shelter for pregnant homeless women: Mater Maria

PLANO - "I got here when I was six months pregnant," said Angeles Noriega. Noriega and 10-month-old Elian Daniel are about to set out on their own. Her life is stable enough now. She's making room for the others here: Other young women expecting babies but have no place to care for them. This east Plano house is known as Mater Maria. It is a designated, dedicated living space for homeless pregnant women. For the past [...]

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Mother learning to help her children thrive thanks to Together We’re Better

Susana has always believed in helping her children learn and grow. She is the mother of two young children and is expecting another child. Susana was thrilled to learn about the Together We're Better (TWB) program several months ago and immediately signed up to participate. Together We're Better is a mobile 16-week program that equips parents of children under five with the necessary parenting tools, hands-on literacy experiences, case management, and free basic needs (diapers and food) [...]

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Community Health Clinic providing compassion, healthcare to those in need

The Community Health Clinic (CHC) has provided compassionate and high-quality health care to vulnerable and underserved families in Collin County for nearly 20 years. Last spring, CHC and Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD) formed a strategic alliance to allow for the sharing of administrative resources, expertise, and personnel, creating economies of scale while also increasing access for both organizations’ clients. Juanita is one of the clients CHC has served over the years. When Juanita's husband passed away, her [...]

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Mater Filius Dallas And Catholic Charities Dallas Formalize Partnership

New partnership, named “Mater Maria,” will provide additional resources for expectant homeless women while providing expanded access and resources DALLAS (JANUARY 9, 2024) – Mater Filius Dallas (MFD) and Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD) have formalized an agreement that will continue the unique and loving services established by Founders Marthalicia and Javier Burkle nearly ten years ago under a new name, Mater Maria. Operating out of two homes in Collin County, Mater Maria will continue offering housing, [...]

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Parish Relations 2023 Recap

Devyn Buschow | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8107 Parish Relations 2023 Recap Hello, my name is Devyn Buschow and I currently serve as the Parish Relations Program Manager at Catholic Charities Dallas. CCD has been blessed this year by a beautiful amount of support from so many of our parishes! We wanted to dedicate this video to thank you for all of your efforts in supporting our work [...]

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New mother overcomes challenges with help from CCD programs

Aida faced a challenging situation when she arrived in the United States from Cuba while eight months pregnant. She needed to find care for herself and her baby quickly. Luckily, she learned about Catholic Charities Dallas's Parenting in Action classes in October 2023 and began attending them. Aida was also eligible for services through our Refugee Health Promotions Program (RHP). This program teaches clients how to navigate the healthcare system, including how to apply for health insurance, [...]

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An End of Year Message from Catholic Charities Dallas CEO Dave Woodyard

Dave Woodyard | Email:  Give Hope for the Holidays The most joyous season is here, and we find ourselves incredibly grateful for the many blessings bestowed on us by many generous supporters like you! With your support, we have counseled tens of thousands, housed hundreds, provided thousands of meals, lifted seniors out of isolation, educated children and parents alike, created new families, provided critical medical services, and responded [...]

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Development Update – End-of-Year 2023

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 End-of-Year 2023 As we celebrate this Advent season and wrap up another year, I wanted to personally thank our generous community for your unwavering support. Over the last year, we’ve continued to feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, lift the family, serve our seniors, and educate the child, all while serving so many more through dozens of additional programs. With the [...]

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CCD Parish Update – December 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 December 2023 This is my last parish monthly update as the Director of Parish and Community Relations at Catholic Charities Dallas. I’ve had a wonderful six and a half years here at Catholic Charities. I will now be moving to a full-time role with the Diocese of Dallas as the Executive Director of the Synod. I am so [...]

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Development Update – December 2023

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 December 2023 Hi, my name is Kelly Noonan, and I serve as the Chief Development Officer at Catholic Charities Dallas. The giving season is upon us, and this time of year, we receive a lot of phone calls and emails regarding in-kind donations, which we appreciate so much! We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to see [...]

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Children’s Services helps grandmother meet grandchild for first time

Lilian was traveling to the United States from Honduras when she was separated from her mother and siblings in October 2022. After being separated, Lilian gave birth to a baby girl. She and her daughter, Gisselle, were placed under the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement before coming to the International Foster Care program with Catholic Charities Dallas in the spring of 2023.  Lilian and her daughter were placed with a foster family with young children. [...]

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Development Update – October 2023

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 October 2023 Hi, my name is Kelly Noonan, and I serve as the Chief Development Officer at Catholic Charities Dallas. Did you know that one of our 11 missions focuses on helping our clients achieve financial freedom through education? Next Gen Wealth Academy goes above and beyond by offering specialized financial coaching sessions designed for those looking to increase their credit [...]

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CCD Parish Update – October 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 October 2023 For this month’s update, we wanted to share about our new Co-Work and Coffee space! We know that so many of our parishes have limited space and a growing number of ministries. Our coworking space is a beautiful place for groups to meet or individuals to work. Attached to St. Jude Park Central, Co-Work and Coffee includes [...]

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Next Gen Wealth Academy helping clients set and reach financial goals

After battling cancer for a second time, Lisa struggled with her bills. She was behind on her rent and was looking for support to help her get her finances back on track. In May 2023, she found Catholic Charities Dallas and began attending financial coaching sessions through Next Gen Wealth Academy.   Next Gen Wealth Academy helps people thrive by creating a positive relationship with money through coaching, education, and personal development. CCD offers personalized financial coaching, including [...]

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Development Update – September 2023

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 September 2023 Our team works tirelessly to provide case management, time-limited housing intervention programs, and long-term assistance and housing to other individuals experiencing homelessness. We currently have two St. Jude Centers in Dallas – one at Forest Lane and one at Park Central. St. Jude Forest Lane has 104 units which are occupied by individuals who are 55 years of age [...]

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CCD Parish Update – September 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 September 2023 We are so grateful to serve in such a generous Diocese! We regularly get inquiries about physical donation items that could benefit our clients. To make it easy for all our parish and community partners, we are excited to announce a new in-kind donation page on our website. We have compiled all of the material needs for each [...]

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Parenting in Action classes helping families thrive

When Vivian Bustamante found out she was pregnant at 17, she shared that it was like entering a new world that she did not know much about. Vivian started attending weekly parenting classes at Catholic Charities Dallas to prepare herself to become a mother.  "I wanted to understand about my baby and how they develop so I could be a better parent," Vivian said.   Vivian shared that when she first started participating, getting diapers and other items [...]

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The Dallas Express: City Joins St. Jude Homeless Housing Project

Dallas City Council approved joining a housing project for the homeless with St. Jude on Wednesday during its first council meeting back from its month-long summer recess. Council members unanimously voted in favor of allocating $3 million alongside Dallas County for the project. The item passed as part of the meeting’s consent agenda. The homeless housing project known as St. Jude Center – Vantage Point will be located at 9019 Vantage Point Dr. and funded by both the City of Dallas [...]

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Development Update – August 2023

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 August 2023 One of our largest growing missions is our Hunger Services mission, which works to alleviate hunger and food insecurity in our community. Our Hunger Services team works in multiple ways, including operating 4 fixed food pantries which allow our clients to receive food at a location that is convenient, safe, and clean. Some locations include client-choice options which are [...]

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International Foster Care creates strong futures

Six years ago, Bianca fled a traumatic situation in Guatemala, and came to the United States as an unaccompanied refugee minor. From the minute she entered the U.S., CCD’s Children’s Services team has provided her with support. The first step was placing Bianca with a foster family through our International Foster Care program.  CCD’s International Foster Care (IFC) program provides short- and long-term foster care placements for unaccompanied refugee and immigrant youth. A range of holistic services [...]

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CCD Parish Update – Hunger Services – August 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 August 2023 Back to school means food security for some children, but many children and adults alike still do not know where their next meal will come from. At Catholic Charities Dallas, we work hard to alleviate hunger and food insecurity in our community. Our Hunger Services team works in multiple ways, including operating 2 fixed food pantries [...]

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Young boy finds opportunity to grow in Educational Services

Levi was already a very charismatic and sociable child when he joined the Together We Learn (TWL) program in 2022. Even though he seemed mature, his teachers found his language and cognitive skills were delayed for someone his age.   However, Levi quickly adapted to the program and loved all the activities that his teacher planned for him and his classmates. By the end of Levi's first year of TWL, his language and cognitive delays were remedied, and his [...]

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Development Update – July 2023

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 July 2023 As a former educator, I have a sincere appreciation for our educational services team. Their mission is to partner with parents to build a strong literacy foundation for their families to help lead both generations toward a promising future. Educational Services had a record-breaking year and served over 2,300 clients. The work they do each day is truly transformational. Right [...]

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Catholic Charities Dallas welcomes three new board members

From left to right: Catherine Foxworth, Matt Bryarly, Sandi Stevens Please join Catholic Charities Dallas in welcoming three new members to our board of directors! Catherine Foxworth, Matt Bryarly, and Sandi Stevens began their terms on July 1, and will serve on the board of directors for a three-year term. A native of Chicago, yet in Dallas for over 25 years, Catherine Foxworth has held significant roles in the hospitality industry and as a consultant [...]

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Mater Maria

At this time, Mater Maria has a need for the following items: Household Items Ink cartridges Storage bags Light bulbs Napkins Small Trash bags Hand sanitizer Towels Reusable water bottles Toothpaste Hand soap Clothing Nursing bras (variety of sizes) Postpartum underwear (variety of sizes) Maternity leggings (variety of sizes) Maternity tops Maternity pajamas Maternity dresses Slippers Cleaning Supplies Shower squeegee Rain-X Water Repellant Daily shower cleaner Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrated floor cleaner Glass and window cleaner Laundry detergent [...]

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Senior Services

At this time, the Senior Services mission has a need for the following items: SocksScarf, hat, and glove setsWord search booksAdult coloring booksYearly plannersMagnifying glassReading glassesLaundry detergentFabric softenerToilet paperPaper towelsDishwashing liquidToothpasteMouth washBody soapDeodorant (men’s and women’s)Trash bags To make an in-kind donation, or for questions regarding an in-kind donation that is not listed, please contact 469-283-0945 or In addition to the items above, we have created an Amazon wish list. To [...]

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Refugee Services

At this time, the Refugee Services mission has a need for the following items: Laundry detergent Fabric softener Toilet paper Paper towels Dishwashing liquid Disinfecting products Plates Bowls Cups Cutlery Pots and pans Toothpaste Mouth wash Body soap Deodorant (men's and women's) Children's clothing (for fall/winter weather, all sizes) Shoes (for men - sizes 6 - 11, women - sizes 6 - 9, and children - sizes 3c - 6) Diapers (all sizes) Wipes Trash bags Trash cans [...]

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Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption

At this time, the Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption mission has a need for the following items: Infant Essentials Infant car seats (must be new) Pack-n-playsNew or gently used baby and toddler clothing (sizes newborn to 4T - no stains or holes) Clothing for adults - all sizes (Must be new or gently used - no stains or holes) Baby Care Products Baby body wash Baby wipes Lotion Feeding Supplies FormulaBaby bottles and nipples Bottle sterilizer or cleaning supplies [...]

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Next Gen Wealth Academy

At this time, the Next Gen Wealth Academy mission has a need for the following items: Bus passes Gas gift cards To make an in-kind donation, or for questions regarding an in-kind donation that is not listed, please contact 469-283-0945 or In addition to the items above, we have created an Amazon wish list. To shop for a specific program, search the list by mission name. Please use the "Add to [...]

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Immigration Legal Services

At this time, the Immigration Legal Services mission has a need for the following items: Gas gift cardsGrocery store gift cards To make an in-kind donation, or for questions regarding an in-kind donation that is not listed, please contact 469-283-0945 or In addition to the items above, we have created an Amazon wish list. To shop for a specific program, search the list by mission name. Please use the "Add to Cart" [...]

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Hunger Services

At this time, the Hunger Services mission has a need for the following items: Non-perishable Food Items: Peanut butter and jellyCanned protein (tuna, chicken, beans - with pop-top)ApplesauceCooking oilsCanned fruit (with pop-top)Bottled waterCereal Toiletry and Personal Care Products: Toothbrushes and toothpasteShampoo and conditionerSoap and body washDeodorantFeminine hygiene productsRazors and shaving creamToilet paperHairbrushes or combsHair ties Household Supplies: Laundry detergentDish soapMulti-purpose cleanerPaper towelsTrash bagsBrooms and dustpansMopsDishcloths and sponges Health SnacksGranola bars Nuts and trail mixDried fruitcrackers Frozen Meat [...]

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Homelessness & Housing

Adopt a Room at St. Jude Vantage Point Our first residents are getting ready to move into St. Jude Vantage Point, but we need assistance stocking their rooms! Help us welcome our residents by providing supplies for their apartments. We need the following items to fully stock a room: Bathroom Supplies Shower curtain Curtain rings Bath towel Wash cloth Hand towel Toilet paper Shampoo Conditioner Bar soap Toothbrush/toothpaste Shaving cream Safety razors Box of [...]

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Educational Services

At this time, the Educational Services mission has a need for the following items: Diapers (Size 3-6 | 20 boxes of each size needed) Pull-ups (Sizes 3T, 4T, and 5T | 20 boxes of each size needed) Baby Wipes (500 packages needed) Baby shampoo (500 needed) Baby lotion (500 needed) Washable markers (Four sets needed) Washable paint sets (10 sets needed) Sentence strips (20 needed) Chubby crayons (Four sets needed) Play-dough (Six sets needed) [...]

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Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services

At this time, the Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services mission has a need for the following items: Non-perishable Food Items Canned goods with pop tops (Note - food items should be "ready to eat" for immediate consumption) Granola bars and other snacks Bottled waterSoupBoxed mealsPowdered milkDry foods (rice, pasta, beans, etc.) Hygiene and Personal Care Products ToothbrushesToothpasteSoapShampooDeodorantFeminine hygiene productsClothing and Bedding New or gently used clothing (we cannot accept any items with holes or stains) New socks and [...]

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Community Health Clinic

At this time, the Community Health Clinic has a need for the following items: Patient Items Home blood pressure monitors (for upper arm) Home blood glucose monitors and test strips Home pulse oximeters Home thermometers Home spirometers (for use after pneumonia, COPD, etc.) All types of braces, especially knee, ankle, and wrist Pill organizers Pill splitters Clinical Items Tongue depressors and cotton tip applicators Gloves Gauze packets (2x2 or 4x4 sizes) Alcohol wipes Clorox disinfecting wipes Kleenex [...]

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CCD Parish Update – Immigration Legal Services – July 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 July 2023 Celebrating Independence Day is a great reminder of the gift of freedom we have here in the United States that many people around the world risk their lives to experience. At Catholic Charities, our primary goal is to treat refugees, asylees, and immigrants among us with the respect and dignity they deserve. We believe that every person [...]

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Children’s Services

At this time, the Children's Services mission has a need for the following items: Rosaries MP3 players (all colors) Journals (not wire-bound) Fidget toys Craft kits for children Kinetic sand Birthday gifts for pre-teen girls Lego sets for boys (no weapons) Variety of stuffed animals (mid-size) Bluetooth speakers Bluetooth headphones (variety of colors) Tumblers To make an in-kind donation, or for questions regarding an in-kind donation that is not listed, please contact 469-283-0945 [...]

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Catholic Charities Dallas selected as finalist for D CEO Magazine Award

Over the last year, Catholic Charities Dallas has educated nearly 2,000 children, housed 300 formerly-homeless individuals, provided more than seven million meals to the hungry, and served tens of thousands more through over 40 unique programs. We are working effectively and efficiently to serve our nine counties of service. We are proud to share that CCD has been selected as a finalist for D CEO Magazine's 2023 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards - Leadership Excellence Award, presented in collaboration with [...]

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After years of homelessness, Catholic Charities Dallas helps client find home

Catholic Charities Dallas’ Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) program is a long-term assistance and support services program that houses chronically homeless clients. EHV provides intensive case management to support, refer, and work toward housing stability.   When Antonio Moore first connected with Catholic Charities Dallas in March 2022, he had been homeless for years and was living in the Meyers Jeffries encampment in South Dallas. While living in the encampment, he met a member of the city of Dallas’ Street [...]

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CDO Update – June 2023

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 June 2023 At Catholic Charities, our Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services mission is critical. Disasters are unpredictable and can change lives in the blink of an eye. This time of year is full of uncertainty. And while we’re fortunate to have escaped fires, floods, and tornadoes in our 9-county radius, that’s not the case for many. At Catholic Charities, we are so [...]

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International Foster Care Program building life-long skills

Catholic Charities Dallas’ International Foster Care program provides foster care and independent living placement to Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in the Children’s Services program, primarily aged 14 to 21. This week, our International Foster Care program held their Summer Life Skills Camp for unaccompanied refugee and immigrant youth in our care. The camp is a unique opportunity to provide our young adults with lessons about life skills they’ll need to become confident and independent members of our society. At [...]

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Hope Happens Here

Hope Happens Here Learn more about Catholic Charities Dallas' Annual Appeal, Hope Happens Here, in this special message from The Most Reverend Edward J. Burns, Bishop of the Diocese of Dallas.


Angels of Charity Luncheon 2023

Angels of Charity Luncheon 2023 The Angels of Charity Annual Mass & Luncheon is a time to celebrate and recognize the incredible impact the Angels make in the community through service and philanthropy. Enjoy a beautiful morning of prayer, fellowship, and words of inspiration from this year’s dynamic guest speaker, Rachel Bulman.


Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope Catholic Charities Dallas works to provide support, resources, education, and inspiration to empower our clients and improve their lives. Listen as four of our clients share their stories of hope and the difference Catholic Charities Dallas made for them.

CCD Parish Update – Refugee Services – June 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 June 2023 June is World Refugee Awareness Month. Refugees are men, women, and children who are fleeing war, conflict, and persecution and seeking safety in another country. Catholic Charities Dallas has the blessing of working alongside these individuals and aiding them in any way we can. Our reception and placement services welcome newly arrived refugees, asylees, and special immigrant [...]

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Formerly homeless senior finds new home thanks to CCD and community partners

The CCD Brady Senior Services empowers adults 60 years and older to maintain their independence by providing services that focus on health and wellness for aging adults. Located in West Dallas at the CCD Marillac Community Center, Brady Senior Services offers a safe and loving community for seniors during the week. That community and support doesn’t stop when the doors close. Our client Tim, who has participated in our senior services programs for the last six years, knows [...]

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CCD Parish Update – Fr. Sean Martin – May 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 May 2023 Here at CCD, we work hard to live out the seven tenets of Catholic Social Teaching every day. These seven principles are life and dignity of the human person, call to family, community and participation, rights and responsibilities, care for God’s creation, option for the poor and vulnerable, the dignity of work and the rights of [...]

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Catholic Charities helps Joseph restore home after storm

Relief services don't always look the same. Whether it's housing assistance, medicine, food, or financial assistance, Catholic Charities understands that the one constant must always be a quick response. No one knows the importance of a quick response better than our client, Joseph, who was living in a motorhome in south Dallas. Last August, he found himself caught in a flood after a heavy rainstorm. "I had looked out and saw that it was very heavy rain. Over [...]

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Parenting classes strengthen families

The CCD Parenting in Action classes provide an opportunity for parents in the community to learn more about different topics, including communicating with children, literacy, budgeting, and more. Material assistance, including diapers, clothing, and more, is available to parents at the end of each class. Tamica and her family began attending our Parenting in Action classes after learning about them online. She initially attended because she needed diapers; however, Tamica shared the classes are helpful and convenient, and [...]

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Community Health Clinic and Catholic Charities Dallas form strategic alliance to better serve those in need

DALLAS (MAY 4, 2023) – Community Health Clinic (CHC) in McKinney and Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD) in Dallas have formalized a strategic alliance that will allow both organizations to better serve those most in need. CHC has provided free medical care to uninsured and medically underserved Collin County residents for nearly 20 years, while CCD has grown into one of the largest social-service providers in North Texas. The alliance will facilitate the sharing of administrative resources, expertise, and [...]

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Grandmother encouraging love of learning

Petra plays an active role in the upbringing of her seven grandchildren, including enrolling them in our Educational Services program, Together We Learn (TWL). She appreciates the program because it allows her family to learn and prepare for school. “When they go to school, they know many words, they are more advanced,” Petra shared. She also attends TWL for herself. Prior to participating in the program, Petra did not know many English words or letters. Thanks to Together [...]

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CCD Parish Update – Children’s Services – April 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 April 2023 Did you know that April is National Foster Care Month? We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the foster care programs we offer here at Catholic Charities. Our Children’s Services team provides daily care, supervision, and case management services to eligible unaccompanied immigrant and refugee youth. Our top priority is reunifying children with [...]

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CDO Update – April 2023

Kelly Noonan | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8132 April 2023 Hi! My name is Kelly Noonan, and I am the Chief Development Officer at Catholic Charities Dallas. “Hope Happens Here” is the name of Catholic Charities Dallas’ annual campaign, centered around the second collection for Catholic Charities at all Masses the weekend of May 6th and 7th. At Catholic Charities, we witness the life-changing power of hope every day. [...]

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CCD Parish Update – Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption – March 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 March 2023 Spring is the season of new life, and we would like to encourage you to support life in our Dallas community by taking advantage of the pro-life and pro-family resources provided by Catholic Charities. Today we’re focusing on our pregnancy crisis counseling, parenting classes, and adoption services. Parenting classes are offered through our Parenting in Action Program, [...]

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CCD Parish Update – Next Gen Wealth Academy – February 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 February 2023 Hello! My name is Lacy de la Garza, and I currently serve as the Director of Parish and Community Relations for Catholic Charities Dallas. CCD has a great opportunity that will be helpful for the families in your parish. Our Financial Stability and Career Services program has been rebranded and is now known as Next Gen [...]

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What’s the difference between The Catholic Foundation and Catholic Charities Dallas?

THE CATHOLIC FOUNDATION - We are honored to have been recognized as the 2023 Honorary Chair of the 25th annual Bishop's Gala hosted by, and benefitting, Catholic Charities Dallas. Catholic Charities Dallas makes a tremendous impact as the service organization for the Diocese of Dallas. We're very pleased that the Foundation and our donors have provided Catholic Charities Dallas more than $8 million from more than 750 individual grants over time. Despite different missions, having the word Catholic [...]

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CCD Parish Update – HOPE Chat Bot – January 2023

Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134 January 2023 Hello! My name is Lacy de la Garza, and I currently serve as the Director of Parish and Community Relations for Catholic Charities Dallas. The new year can bring stress and concerns about the future. Focusing on mental health is one way to take care of ourselves in times of distress.   Did you know that Catholic Charities [...]

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Learn About Resources for First Time Homebuyers at February Event

DALLAS – On Saturday, February 11, Catholic Charities Dallas will host the second annual Mega Homebuyer Event and Mega First Time Homebuyer Class. The event will offer opportunities to speak with professionals including realtors, lenders, down payment assistance program coordinators, home builders, home inspectors, title companies, and more. The homebuyer event will be from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 1421 W. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX, 75247. The First Time Homebuyer Class begins at 9:00 a.m. and [...]

Give the gift of Hope – A Message from Dave Woodyard

Give the gift of Hope Hello, my name is Dave Woodyard, and I am the “team captain” and CEO of Catholic Charities Dallas. What a wonderful time of year it is as we prepare for Christmas and the New Year. This joyful season also prompts us to think about our many blessings and the gratitude we feel due to the incredible and gracious support we blessed to receive from you, our very generous [...]

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