Brady Senior Center with Catholic Charities Dallas Senior Services is located in West Dallas at the CCD Marillac Center, which also houses one of our food pantries. The nearby DART station makes our center accessible to seniors via public transportation, and we also provide access to our Brady Bus, which is available to pick up our members from their private residences at the beginning of the day.

At Brady Senior Center, we provide a lively community for our seniors as well as nutritional support, physical fitness support, and the opportunity to hone their skills through arts, crafts, and workshops. “We’re trying to keep seniors healthy, and help them live independently as long as they can,” says Robin Korevaar, Program Manager of Brady. Our goal at Brady is to prevent senior isolation by encouraging social time with friends and providing physical and dietary health help, case management, and access to independent transportation.

On a regular day, over 95 seniors arrive at our facility. When we open at 8am, seniors visit and wait for breakfast at 9am in Brady’s dining hall, filled with tables and chairs and organized by sections to ensure as streamlined dining experience. The dining hall is equipped with a full-size kitchen. We serve our seniors a full, dietician-approved, multi-option breakfast for a small fee of $1. Lunch, funded by DAAA Congregate Meals, is also offered Monday through Friday.

Activities begin at 9:30am! At Brady, we offer many classes for our members, including English as a Second Language (ESL), Zumba, yoga, crochet, knitting, and crafting. While we often host speakers and teachers, seniors also have the opportunity to teach their skills! Seniors can also help pass out coffee and serve lunch with us too! This opportunity creates a cycle of giving back. Brady Seniors also have access to a variety of games, a library, and a gym equipped with independent bikes and treadmills.

Our center is open until 4pm, and our meals and activities are all held between 8am and 1pm. We will sometimes host evening events such as dances or bingo games; we want to build a community for seniors, and let them know they are free to spend time here at Brady with their friends, or independently read, craft, and enjoying the peace and quiet. At Brady, we want our seniors to feel free to find their own creativity and intellectual stimulation. “We try not to do for the senior what they can do on their own,” says Robin. Fostering independence is one of our many goals here at Brady.

As a Catholic organization, Brady Senior Center endeavors to uphold the dignity of our clients: we believe in the right to life and dignity from womb to tomb. Respect for our seniors and their diverse situations is essential. “We offer people the opportunity to be seen, heard, and witnessed here,” Robin says. Our staff loves to spend quality time with our clients, and we truly love getting to know you!

For registered Brady members, we regularly check on all their needs through consulting, including health, diet, housing, and whether they have access to household items. We have a case manager and two interns who work with us, but we always appreciate volunteers and donations to help us assess our senior’s needs. If needed, we refer our seniors to other departments within CCD for help.

The only requirement for becoming a Brady Senior Center member is that one is 60 years of age or older. If you are a senior looking for a community, call 214-826-8332 to ask our case manager, Maira Regalado, about our services.

How are we responding to COVID-19? A lot of our seniors receive their food support exclusively at Brady. During the pandemic, our member number has risen to about 150 clients every week for food. We are now providing food delivery to our seniors Tuesday through Friday, 9am-12pm. Now more than ever, it is important to check on our seniors’ emotional and physical needs – to visit and speak with them. Our drive-thru and virtual programs allow for social engagement, and we will continue to offer one-on-one counseling to our members in this period. We also want to help people with clothes and small necessary items, as well as physical and social needs. During the pandemic, we continue to provide needed toiletries to our seniors.

Want to meet our seniors? Volunteers can help by writing cards or notes to seniors and showing them that they are loved and considered. Our volunteers can also help as general hostesses or serving food during meal time, or simply visiting with the seniors, teaching classes, and creating educational modules. Donations of small toiletries and word-search books, coloring books, or craft supplies are always appreciated too. “It’s great to feel like you’ve made a difference in the life of a senior or family,” says Robin.