At Catholic Charities Dallas, we know from experience that even the smallest act of true generosity can change a life. Our clients’ incredible stories are proof of the impact generosity has on the lives of individuals, families, and our entire community.

Our mobile community pantries deliver food to more than 90 locations.

Hunger Services puts healthy food within reach

After Martin’s wife was diagnosed with diabetes, life changed for him and his family. He switched to working part-time to be able to care for his wife, but that meant he was not making enough to support his family.

Earlier this year, he learned about the Catholic Charities Dallas mobile food pantry at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Martin started visiting the pantry and was thrilled to be able to bring home fresh food and pantry staples.

Martin shared that he can get food at the pantry that he would not be able to get otherwise.

“We are able to get healthy food. My grandson likes the food, and it makes a big difference for my family,” Martin said.

Martin said it is crucial to his wife that they can access healthy foods. He said that after his wife’s diagnosis, she worried about how they would afford her needed food and supplies. Thanks to Catholic Charities Dallas, Martin said they do not have to worry about that.

Catholic Charities Dallas operates five mobile community pantries that deliver food to more than 90 locations throughout the nine counties of the Diocese of Dallas. Additionally, CCD maintains two client-choice pantries. A third client choice pantry will open at St. Jude Park Central in the coming months.

Esperanza loves attending our Girl Talk support group.

Support group helps refugee feel at home

When Esperanza immigrated to the United States from Cuba in April 2022, she immediately contacted Catholic Charities Dallas for support. The Refugee Services program offered her financial assistance, and Esperanza participated in the educational and emotional support activities.

Esperanza shared that she was isolated and sad when she first moved to the United States because she greatly missed her sisters. However, after attending some of the programs offered by Refugee Services, Esperanza began to build a community for herself.

She shared that the Girl Talk support group has been the most impactful for her. The support group meets monthly and offers an opportunity for female clients to participate and build social connections while learning skills to help them adjust to life in the United States.

Since the support group started, participants have learned about topics including women’s health, financial advice, and domestic violence awareness. CCD also partnered with the Dallas Police Department to share lessons on public safety. Esperanza shared that the health and public safety presentations were beneficial for her.

“The police guided us on where to go and what to do in specific situations. They taught us how to use 911, and that was helpful,” Esperanza said.

After a year of coming to Catholic Charities, Esperanza shared that she feels at home and has a community.

“I’ve created good friendships with the other ladies,” Esperanza said. “Catholic Charities has helped me get to know myself better, and I’ve learned new things about this country. I feel stable here, thanks to this program.”

To learn more about Refugee Services and the programs we offer, please visit

Vivian shared the Parenting in Action classes made a difference for her as a new mom.

Young parents benefit from Parenting in Action

When Vivian Bustamante found out she was pregnant at 17, she shared that it was like entering a new world that she did not know much about. Vivian started attending weekly parenting classes at Catholic Charities Dallas to prepare herself to become a mother.

“I wanted to understand about my baby and how they develop so I could be a better parent,” Vivian said.

Vivian shared that when she first started participating, getting diapers and other items like clothing and food was helpful for her growing family. As she continued to come to the classes, Vivian learned a lot about being the best parent for her son. The lessons have covered car seat safety, communicating with your child, gentle parenting, and more. Vivan shared one of the most important things she has learned is patience with her son.

“Not everyone grows up being very patient, but this class has taught me how to be more patient and more creative,” Vivian said.

She added she also learns about taking care of herself, too.

“Even though I’m a parent, I still need to give myself time. If I do not take care of myself, and if I do not love myself, there is nobody else that is going to give that love to my baby,” Vivian shared.

Regardless of the lesson, Vivan said she always tries to take one or two of the things she learned and apply them in her daily life. She recommends the classes to anyone who is a new parent.

“The classes are good because you learn, and you get diapers and clothing. It is always something new. It’s going to really benefit you.”

CCD’s Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption team offers weekly parenting classes throughout the Dallas area. For more information and to see available courses, please visit

Glorinda says she does not miss a day at the Brady Center unless she is sick.

Seniors find community at Brady Center

When Glorinda’s husband and daughter passed away within a year of each other, she found herself facing an emptiness that was hard to fill. She wanted to find a place to connect with others and found that, and more, at the Brady Center.

The Brady Center provides the senior population with various resources to maintain their independence and offers a safe place to gather and enjoy a hot meal and fellowship. Glorinda shared that she felt welcomed and cared for from her first day.

“It means a lot that they are willing to help us, even when they do not know us at first,” Glorinda said. “When I came in, they were friendly and kind.” Glorinda has been attending the Brady Center regularly for over a year. In that time, it has become more than just a place to spend time; it has become her sanctuary.

“I’m lonely. It’s hard that I lost my husband and my daughter,” Glorinda said. “I love it here. The Brady Center has helped me a lot. I do not miss a day unless I’m sick.”

Glorinda says finding the community she has there impacted her the most.

“I have enjoyed it so much. The Brady Center has given me somewhere to be. I live by myself, and this is the only place I go other than church on Sunday,” Glorinda said. “I love communicating with other people, sharing the laughs, the cries, everything.”

Glorinda shared that along with having a community at the Brady Center, she loves the games, activities, and support she knows she can find there.

“The Brady Center staff keeps us busy, and I love that,” Glorinda said.

Seniors regularly participate in crafts and physical fitness activities, like Zumba classes and chair yoga. The Brady Center also hosts bingo events, monthly dances, birthday celebrations, and more, all to help seniors feel a sense of community. The Brady Center is also an access point to other community resources, like healthcare.

The Brady Center is open to seniors 60 and older, Monday through Friday. More information is available at

Senior Services by the Numbers

Clients served in FY 2023
Meals distributed
of Clients improving or maintaining their physical health
of Clients improving or maintaining their social connections and support

Data as of September 2023

Brenda says the Together We Learn program has made a difference for both herself and her children.

Together We Learn program strengthening two generations at a time

Brenda started attending Together We Learn after a family member recommended the program. At the time, she had just come to the United States with her family. Her oldest child was three years old, and Brenda wanted to prepare her for kindergarten, but Brenda needed help figuring out where to begin. When she learned about the TWL program, Brenda thought it would help herself and her children.

During their time in TWL, Brenda shared that her children have become better prepared for school, and she has improved her English.

“The program has helped my children learn their letters, how to write their names, and how to spell and write in English. My children are more independent, and they interact with others.”

Brenda shared that besides helping with her English, the TWL program has helped her feel better prepared to educate her children at home.

“I read more books with them and have set goals to learn English with them. We also practice what we learn here in other places,” Brenda said.

Brenda credits TWL with how well her children are doing in school and shared that it is an excellent opportunity for children and parents.

To learn more about our Educational Services programs, please visit

On the Horizon

More than five years after opening the first St. Jude Center, Catholic Charities Dallas is partnering with Catholic Housing Initiative to launch a third St. Jude Center. SJC – Vantage Point will be located west of Greenville Avenue and south of Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway (I-635) and will house 136 residents ages 18 and older. SJC – Vantage Point is scheduled to open to residents in March 2024.

This latest housing facility follows the success of St. Jude Center – Forest Lane and St. Jude Center – Park Central. The St. Jude Center on Forest Lane provides permanent, supportive housing for seniors with on-site wraparound services. St. Jude Center – Park Central offers permanent, supportive housing for individuals 18 and older. Residents of both centers have many opportunities to build healthier lives through housing stabilization and supportive services designed to promote independence.

For more information about St. Jude Center – Vantage Point, please click here.

Monthly Spotlight

Upcoming Events

Hope for the Holidays

  • Thursday, November 9, at Jackson Walker Dallas at 6:00 p.m.
  • All proceeds from the event will support the Christmas Distribution program
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Hope Starts Here

  • Thursday, December 14, at Catholic Charities Dallas at 9:30 a.m.
  • An informational session featuring coffee, conversation, and a tour that highlights our 11 missions and the many ways your involvement improves the lives of those in need
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26th Annual Bishop’s Gala

  • Saturday, January 20, at The Omni Dallas Hotel at 6:00 p.m.
  • Join Catholic Charities Dallas for our annual fundraiser benefitting our eleven missions
  • Featuring dinner, auctions, and dancing to performances from The Temptations and The Four Tops
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When we see Christ in our brothers and sisters in need, this is where the power of generosity begins. We recall the words of Christ,

“I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me.” (Matthew 25:35)

At Catholic Charities Dallas, we witness the life-changing power of generosity every day. The contagious excitement of a young refugee family as they receive items that transform their new house into a home. The smile on the face of a child as they learn to read alongside their parents. The relief in the eyes of a person who no longer needs to worry about what they will eat that day. Although it looks a bit different each time, the impact of generosity is undeniably present in every one of these lives. We hope these stories of the transformative power of generosity within our community resonate with you and encourage you to join us in serving, educating, and empowering all those in need. Your generosity is what makes our work possible!

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