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February 2022

Hello! I’m Lacy de la Garza, Director of Parish & Community Relations for Catholic Charities Dallas.

This month we are focusing on one program highlight: Citizenship.

We offer both Citizenship Classes and Citizenship Workshops. These are different. Each are offered at our locations, and can also be offered at your parish by request.

Although the citizenship classes do explain the naturalization process to applicants, their primary purpose is to prepare applicants for the exam that is given during their citizen interview. Classes assist applicants in learning about the 100 civics questions that make up the exam.

Workshops are designed to help people determine their eligibility for citizenship and complete the paperwork to apply.

In addition to these options, we have a mobile Immigration Legal Services unit that can be dispatched to your parish community to assess the immigration needs and allow us to set up a process to help your parishioners in the way they need help.

Our immigration legal services team is a vibrant, caring group of individuals who are dedicated to offering high-quality care. We know from our understanding of Catholic Social Teaching that solidarity expressed by helping the immigrant is one way of showing respect for the inherent dignity of the human person before us. Thank you for supporting our efforts to offer this service well in the community.

For more information or to schedule your first site visit, contact Lourdes Vargas at or 469-801-8169. My office also stands by ready to make that connection if needed.

Thank you! See you next month!