Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134

January 2023

Hello! My name is Lacy de la Garza, and I currently serve as the Director of Parish and Community Relations for Catholic Charities Dallas.

The new year can bring stress and concerns about the future. Focusing on mental health is one way to take care of ourselves in times of distress.   Did you know that Catholic Charities offers a free chat bot that can help you with feelings of depression and anxiety whenever you need?  

HOPE is a bilingual chat bot designed to provide coping mechanisms for depression and anxiety without fear of judgment or shame! It is available 24/7, accessible to users 13 and older, and is fully bilingual in both English and Spanish. HOPE can help you develop skills to improve your daily life.   Whether it is anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, or just daily stress, HOPE is a completely anonymous service that is available to Catholics and non-Catholics alike throughout nine counties in the Dallas diocese.

Take advantage of this free resource, which is available through our website, Facebook messenger, or by texting “hello” to 469-949-1179.   Click the button below to access flyers with information you can share with your parishioners as well.

There is no need to feel shame about your feelings or go without help. We all need to take care of ourselves mentally and physically so that we can experience the full beauty of life.  Make 2023 a year of hope for you and your parishioners through the Hope Project. We are excited to work with all of you in this New Year and make it the best yet.

Also, if your parish is planning a Lenten service project, please consider doing a material item drive for Catholic Charities Dallas! The PDF below has all of our most urgent needs. Please contact Devyn Buschow at to schedule a CCD cart drop-off and pick-up. We are grateful for your support!