Lacy de la Garza | Email: | Phone: 469-801-8134

June 2022

Hello and welcome! I’m Lacy de la Garza, Director of Parish & Community Relations for Catholic Charities Dallas.

With over 20 million refugees around the world, Catholic Charities Dallas is grateful to assist displaced individuals who come to our doors. The Refugee Services team at Catholic Charities Dallas has served the refugee community since the late 1970s. As one of just three resettlement agencies in Dallas, we work to find housing and employment opportunities for families who come to our diocese from around the world.

It is a long journey to get to Dallas. Some families wait many years to be assigned a location in the US.  When they arrive, we greet them at the airport, set up apartments, assist with ESL classes, and provide cultural orientations and employment coaching.  

We enroll children in school.  We work with companies in Dallas to advocate for refugees and find employment opportunities so families can become self-sufficient.  Our Refugee Services program assists families long-term, creating a welcoming environment and allowing refugees to create a home here in Texas.

Did you know we resettled over 150 Afghan families last fall who were evacuated to the US? Additionally, we have begun to serve Ukrainians who have made their way here. We are prepared to serve more as needed. 

So how can you help?  

1. Please pray for our efforts and for the safety of those who travel to us.

2. If you know of refugees in your parish who are in need of employment coaching or assistance, please have them reach out to Refugee Services at 214-553-9909.

3. If you have  a group that is dedicated to refugee assistance, or if you have volunteers with a heart for helping displaced individuals and are interested in hosting classes at your parish or volunteering with our program, please reach out to

4. Share our efforts with your parish community.  June marks World Refugee Day.  We have information on social media about this celebration and how your community can support refugees.

Continue to pray for refugees around the world, and we continue to be proud of the role we play in our community to be the right call for all in need. 

Thanks, and see you next month!