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October 2022

Hello! I am Lacy de la Garza, the Director of Parish and Community Relations at Catholic Charities Dallas.

You may know that October is Pro-Life Month! Here at Catholic Charities, we are doing our part in the Dallas community by offering pregnancy crisis counseling, parenting classes, and adoption services.

We share this information so you are aware of resources available to parishioners or anyone who comes to your parish seeking assistance, and so that you as a parish leader can help determine how your group or congregation can best be involved in these efforts.

  1.        Crisis pregnancy counseling is available 24/7 by contacting our English hotline at 469-875-5456 or our Spanish hotline at 214-557-5286. Someone will be available to help walk a woman in crisis through immediate options.
  2.        Our parenting classes are offered through our Parenting in Action Program, where we assist families who are currently pregnant or have recently had a child. Weekly parenting classes are offered every Thursday at the Catholic Charities Central Office in both English and Spanish, and material assistance is provided to attendees.
  3.       Our adoption services are offered in two ways: the first is infant adoption and the second is what’s called our Finally Home program.

Our infant adoption program provides assistance for both birth parents and prospective adoptive parents so babies can receive the care they need. We work together in order to match babies with loving families.

For older children, our Finally Home program allows children in the custody of the Department of Family and Protective Services to be placed in permanent adoptive homes. These children are generally over the age of 6 and sometimes are adopted as sibling groups.

For more information on hosting parenting classes, or for adoption information, contact Sheri Reynolds at or 214-526-2772.

For volunteer opportunities related to any of these services, contact our Volunteer team at

Thank you! Until next time.