If you had to choose between paying your rent or buying groceries for yourself, which would you pick? Decisions like this were a reality for Amir after losing his job and only having a small amount of funds remaining in his savings account. Additionally, Amir’s family did not live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with him — he was alone.


By God’s grace, Amir had a friend who noticed his struggle and encouraged him to visit one of CCD’s Mobile Community Pantries. Amir did, and while he was there he noticed a flyer promoting SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). He contacted Catholic Charities Dallas about the SNAP program and was immediately scheduled for an appointment to receive application assistance.


After walking through the SNAP application with staff, Amir completed the steps and received emergency SNAP benefits in less than two weeks. Now, he is able to purchase his own groceries once again, without fear that he might lose a place to call home. With less worry in his life, he was able to take the time to search for job opportunities. Today, Amir is employed as a security guard.


A CCD SNAP employee said, “We were delighted to help him get his basic nourishment needs fulfilled so that he was able to actively seek and gain employment.”


The SNAP program at CCD, in partnership with the Walmart Foundation, was created to show families the benefits that are available to them, reduce hunger within families and increase nutritious habits for all.

Interested in applying for SNAP?

To get started, contact our SNAP team by calling 972-587-8001 or by email at SNAP@ccdallas.org.

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