St. Jude Center – Forest

This year, St. Jude Center – Forest has helped people like Jimmy regain a place to call home and purpose in his life’s journey.

  • 126 residents were provided a place to
    sleep, eat, and have fellowship among one
  • 96% of residents remained housing
    stabilized after 90 days

Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD) in partnership with Catholic Housing Initiative (CHI) launched St. Jude Center – Park Central in December of 2020. CHI is the owner of the property and CCD is the property manager and social service provider and coordinator for all partner agencies providing onsite services.

Assisting with Basic Needs

The first responsibility is to ensure access to food, clothing, medical care and financial entitlements. These activities may require case managers to leave their offices to accompany their clients to various places within the community or secure agencies to provide these services on site.

Transportation will be offered to the residents in two (2) ways:

  • Bus vouchers provided will be for travel to and from employment interviews, appointments to access public benefits and for other purposes deemed appropriate by the Case Manager. All Case Managers will complete and keep on file a log of which residents receive these bus passes. These bus passes will be issued monthly if the resident is in good standing and is actively pursuing, if applicable, employment, attending appointments, etc.
  • On-site transportation may be available in limited accessibility for scheduled doctor appointments.

Treatment Services

All residents will have access to professional diagnostic and treatment services for their presenting problems. Services in this area may be delivered by the case management agency or by other providers through referrals arrangements. Progress will be monitored through the RSP.

Crisis Assistance

Case Managers of residents living at St. Jude will be responsive to their clients who are in crisis. Focus of the response will be on assisting resolution of the crisis in ways that preserve tenancy. This may result in multiple meetings for the duration of the crisis, to strategize staff and the resident. Case management providers without 24-hour crisis assistance services will address plans with St. Jude Social Services Site Manager about effective interventions that can be employed when the case management agency is unavailable (depending on the residents’ agency protocol). St. Jude Social Services Site Manager maintains a 24-hour on-call system for staff needing consultation or support about any St. Jude resident.

Meaningful Activity

Case Managers (St. Jude and partner agencies) will work with their clients who reside at St. Jude to develop plans to fill the resident’s day with activity the resident defines as meaningful and beneficial (e.g. recreation, volunteer activity, day programs, employment). This helps the resident to avoid isolation, boredom and the potential for resumption of dysfunctional behavior.

Social Support

Case Managers at St. Jude and partner agencies will work together with their clients to facilitate the development of a network of friends, family, and professionals who can socially support the resident’s stability in St. Jude.