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Know Your Rights

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Knowing your rights is the best way to protect yourself against abuse by any law enforcement authority. The following are just some of the rights all people have, regardless of their immigration status:

  • The right to speak to an attorney or an accredited representative.
  • The right to make a phone call.
  • The right, under certain circumstances, to request a hearing before an Immigration Judge.
  • The right to receive a current list of voluntary agencies which offer legal services.
  • The right to receive in writing the charges made against you.
  • The right, under certain circumstances, to request political asylum if you fear persecution in your country on the basis of race, religion, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.
  • The right, under certain circumstances, to appeal your case to a higher review level.

Know Your Rights Resources & Materials

Doce Cosas que Debe Recordar Know Your Rights Guide Twelve Things to Remember Conozca Sus Derechos Know Your Rights Card
Tarjeta de Conozca Sus Derechos

FREE Know Your Rights Workshop!

Catholic Charities Dallas will be holding a series of free Know Your Rights workshops at parishes across the Diocese to provide information about the rights of immigrants and to answer general immigration questions. All events are open to the community. Look below to find the workshop closest to you! For questions, contact Nubia Torres at

Post-Election Concerns & Questions

We’ve heard from many of you with concerns or questions about your immigration or refugee status, and we appreciate that this is a complex, emotionally charged time. While we cannot foresee what the future will hold, we can reassure you that Catholic Charities Dallas is here for you as your support and counsel going forward. Our mission remains to ‘welcome the stranger’ to our community – just as our work for the past 40 years on behalf of immigrants and refugees in Greater Dallas has shown. Going forward, we believe that work will be more important than ever.

We remain committed advocates to protect all life, especially the lives of those most fragile and in need. We will continue to embrace those who are hungry, frail, homeless or strangers to our community – it’s our calling and people should continue to look to us for care and support.

In the short term, we strongly recommend that anyone concerned about their case come visit us at CCD for a consultation or reach out to a reliable, licensed attorney to receive an analysis of their case. Every person’s case is different and warrants a detailed review.

Let us continue to pray for understanding, acceptance, compassion and healing in our community and country.