Relief services don’t always look the same. Whether it’s housing assistance, medicine, food, or financial assistance, Catholic Charities understands that the one constant must always be a quick response.

No one knows the importance of a quick response better than our client, Joseph, who was living in a motorhome in south Dallas. Last August, he found himself caught in a flood after a heavy rainstorm.

“I had looked out and saw that it was very heavy rain. Over the loudspeakers, the police said, ‘We are going to have a boat down to you in about a half hour’. I heard them say, ‘You’re going to evacuate.’ I’m not the crying type. I’m a solution person, but there was a point where I started to believe that it was over.”

Catholic Charities immediately stepped in and secured a hotel room for Joseph by 6:00 p.m. the same evening. But the help didn’t end there. When Joseph got back into his routine and got his motorhome intact, he realized his generator was not working. CCD provided Joseph with a new generator and a three-year warranty. This not only allowed Joseph to stay in his home but also alleviated some of the stress that came with getting his home up and running again. Catholic Charities provides that same, long-term support for all of our clients we serve who are impacted by disaster.