Mike Murray | Email: mmurray@ccdallas.org | Phone: 214-842-7245

August 2021

Hi, I am Mike Murray, the Chief Development Officer of Catholic Charities Dallas. In case you haven’t noticed, Catholic Charities has been growing by leaps and bounds for several years now and has responded to the recent crises to significantly grow our existing services and add vital new ones, all with the purpose of serving more people and serving them with excellence – which we exist to do.

We served 200,000 people in the 19/20 fiscal year, 285,000 last year and have plans to serve much more in this fiscal year.

A successful corporate CEO once told me that the primary task of the leadership of an organization is growth. In the last year we went from two large food delivery trucks to four; one housing center for the formerly homeless to two; three education programs to four and serving a few hundred people in disaster relief to serving 15,000. We are serving thousands of people every day.

Our mission statement challenges us to “empower all those in need,” Jesus tells us that “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.” By serving others we serve God, so let’s serve as many as we can!

We will continue to grow over the next few months by welcoming 180 formerly homeless people that will call St. Jude Park Central their new home; by participating in a pilot program with the North Texas Food Bank of managing food pantries inside shipping containers, really, and launching the third wave of our growing Together We’re Better mobile, dual-generation, education and parenting program.

As the old saying goes, “If you are not going forward, you are going backward.” And we can’t go forward without the help of a tremendous amount of generous people. People who volunteer, people who give, people who care.

Thank you for helping us grow, thank you for helping us serve tens of thousands more people every year, and thank you for having faith in us. We have faith in you.

Thank you and God bless.