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April 2022

Welcome to this month’s Parish Update from Catholic Charities Dallas! I’m Lacy de la Garza, Director of Parish & Community Relations for Catholic Charities.

With spring brings many graduations. Do you have parents worried about affording college for their kids? Are your young adults graduating and unsure of what to do when their student loan payments begin? Our Financial Stability and Career Services program can help your parishioners in a variety of ways!

Our Financial Stability and Career Services program (FSCS for short) assists our clients by providing financial coaching, job skills, resume assistance, and employment coaching. It also provides HUD-approved classes for first-time homebuyers and provides the certificate needed by lenders, realtors, and down payment assistance programs.

One of the best parts about this program is that your parishioners can access these services in person or virtually. Anyone in the 9 counties of the Diocese of Dallas has equal access to these financial training opportunities.

We want to especially highlight today the FSCS mobile unit that can do presentations on your campus! Our team can meet with you to discuss what your community needs are. Do your parishioners want to learn more about retirement? Are many of your neighbors stuck trying to pay off payday loans? Could your families benefit from learning how to build a budget and reduce debt?

Please contact us to learn more about these free classes or for resources to share with your parishioners.

We also want to add quickly a thank-you to all parish staff who are assisting in our Holy Work in Progress campaign that will start next month. Promoting our information is essential for us to receive the donations needed to continue to serve your community. We are so grateful to serve alongside you in this effort and thank you for your attention.

Until next time!

P.S. — Our 21st Annual Angels of Charity Mass & Luncheon is Tuesday, May 10th at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin Guadalupe and the Meyerson Symphony Center. All tickets and sponsorships directly benefit Disaster Relief and Preparedness Services. Please consider attending as a parish staff or advertising for us in your bulletin! We greatly appreciate your support.