Our Partners

There is a need for permanent supportive housing in the Dallas area and Catholic Charities Dallas (CCD) in collaboration with the Catholic Housing Initiative (CHI) are operating more than 100 apartments suites to meet some of this need.

Most important is the opportunity to restore dignity and independence for the residents. Using a “housing first” model coupled with wrap around social services has been proven to create a better outcome of success for abolishing homelessness. With this approach, one mitigates visible symptoms of failure to house and care for people’s well-being and healthcare.   In addition, police and public health costs are diminished when people are placed in permanent supportive housing.

St. Jude Center provides housing with client services ranging from moderate to intensive case management. We believe this comprehensive and collaborative approach is the most effective and cost-efficient manner to help address the growing challenge of serving the homeless population. A collaborative network including City SquareMetroCareVASH (Veterans Administration Supportive Housing), who provide onsite supportive services. MDHA (Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance) will identify the men and women to be the initial residents.

CCD case managers will also oversee care coordination for residents needing additional services utilizing partner agencies to deliver them, e.g., reentry, recovery, and veterans’ services, mental health counseling, housing transition assistance, and benefits counseling.

Through St Jude Center, CHI and CCD is taking the first step in addressing the complex problem of homelessness by helping members of our community regain a sense of security, increased well-being and their self-respect.

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