“My name is Gina Garcia, and I am a wife and young mother of two children. Two months ago, I went to Catholic Charities Dallas food distribution after disaster had struck – my husband had lost his job and fell into a deep depression, and I did not know how I was going to provide for my family or pay our rent and utilities.

We are so grateful for all the help that we received especially the fresh foods like vegetables, fruit, milk and meat which is so much more than just canned or boxed food. My children love apples and they were so happy when we received a full bag of apples! Not only have we received fresh food, but Catholic Charities has provided financial assistance to help us make it another month.

Although things may not entirely be back to normal, Catholic Charities Dallas helped me feel a sense of normalcy and helped alleviate the pressure of being the only source of income for my family.”


Catholic Charities is committed to serving those in need, especially during the COVID19 crisis. Since March 2020, we have delivered over 3 million meals to North Texans. Your donation goes further than you can imagine.