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November 2022

Hello! My name is Lacy de la Garza, and I currently serve as the Director of Parish and Community Relations for Catholic Charities Dallas.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we want to highlight our Homelessness & Housing Services program. At CCD, we work very hard to create safe environments for clients who may not have had the chance to always celebrate special occasions in a home.

We operate two facilities for formerly homeless individuals known as the St. Jude Centers. St. Jude – Forest Lane, at Forest Lane & 635, has 104 units of permanent supportive housing for individuals who are aged 55 and over. St. Jude – Park Central, located at 635 & 75, has 180 units for individuals 18 and over.

In addition to providing housing, our case managers assist with crisis assistance, treatment services, vocational training, job placement, and case management.

The holidays can be a lonely time of year for many of the people who seek residence in the St. Jude Centers. There is one way you can help.

Christmas cards are a simple yet extremely impactful way to share the joy of the Christmas season with our neighbors in need. Christmas cards can be mailed to both locations, and information on what that project looks like can be found in the document below.

Another important thing to be aware of is the emergency line. Know that CCD does not have an emergency shelter, yet if someone comes to you in need of emergency housing assistance, the best way to direct them is to call the Housing Forward hotline at 888-411-6802.

Also, we have updated our resource card! Printed versions will be mailed out in the next few weeks to distribute and share with your community. The Homeless Crisis Helpline is listed on this card to easily share with those in urgent need.

For volunteer opportunities related to the St. Jude Centers, contact our Volunteer team at

Thank you! We hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!