Our Mission

To serve, educate, and empower individuals and families in obtaining long term financial stability.

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About Us

Financial Stability and Career Services approaches client services in an entirely new way, inviting clients to share their full story, addressing not only their immediate needs, but also assisting in developing long term goals and aspirations.

Through a combination of financial education coursework, career development and training, asset development, employment counseling, and one-on-one personal consultations, this program treats clients as ‘creative, resourceful, and whole’, taking what can be very difficult personal circumstances and forging a rewarding and fulfilling future for themselves and their families.

We use the Working Family Success Model as the platform for our program, which encompasses the integrated services of financial coaching, employment services, and income supports such as food and financial assistance. From the first encounter with the client, we level the playing field and put them in the driver’s seat, and together help them to begin a new chapter in their life. Rather than solving problems as our goal, we now seek to change lives.

Disclosure: As part of the Financial Stability and Career Services, you will be part of a pilot being conducted by LEO, that will study the impact of the services we provide. All other Catholic Charities services will still be available to you regardless of your participation in this pilot and resources will still be made available to you.